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Swifts are a familiar part of summer.
It would be a great loss if the summer skies
no longer played host
to their aerial chasing and screaming.
We believe that action is needed NOW to prevent their loss.
There is increasing international concern about loss of swift nest sites, and thus swift colonies. This is largely due to modern methods of renovating old buildings, modern building styles and new types of materials used for new buildings. There are both documented and anecdotal reports of loss or severe decrease of swifts in places due to renovation or demolition of colonial sites.
The Concern for Swifts web-site, aims to share information about nest sites, the threats to them, ways of keeping existing sites and designs for creating new ones.
coming later
local projects; care of fledglings; diaries of projects;
working with local authorities; question and answers
We need your contributions in order to be effective.
The Scottish swifts project has received support from:-
RSPB (Scotland), SNH, the Millenium Commission, The International Educational Trust, Scottish and Southern Energy plc, Scottish Executive Sustainable Development fund, SOC, the Horace Gillman's Trust , SWT Clydebank training team.
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